A language lab for the price of a book

A language lab for the price of a book

For almost 30 years, ReLANpro’s number one goal has been to create innovative and engaging Language Lab software. We were the first to release many new features such as standard video pairing, wireless capabilities and many others.

We were one step ahead introducing software licensing back in 2003, allowing customers to pay per annum rather than in one amount up front. A break for your budget and offering you flexibility, by not forcing you to work with the same software until it’s written off after 8-10 years.

We want to continue to be an innovative player in the language education field for many years and therefore today we are introducing a new deal: a 21st Century Language Lab for the price of a book.

Next to the existing option where the license is paid for by the school or institution, we are adding the possibility to let students pay for access to the language lab.

Starting at $25 per annum the students would have full access to our ReLANpro Cloud & Class language lab.

Teacher access is completely free of charge which means schools and institutions don’t have to allocate any budget. The online server is also included, so your content is stored safely while accessible Anywhere, Anytime and on Any device.

Those without any budget will now be able to start using a brand new 21st Century Language Lab immediately by simply adding it to the students’ book list for next year. Students can pay on our secure website via the standard payment options.

We will be introducing and demonstrating this latest addition to our product offering on ACTFL in Boston this year, November 18-20. You can visit our booth 1208.

If you would like to see a personalized demonstration via a webinar, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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