The NEW BYOLL, the world’s first free professional Language Lab, now includes…. Everything

The NEW BYOLL, the world’s first free professional Language Lab, now includes…. Everything

BYOLL (Bring Your Own Language Lab), a 100% free language lab application, is now available to teachers and their students on all devices.

What is new in latest version of the BYOLL application?

  • Audio & video support
  • An automatic bookmark is created every time a teacher or student makes a recording
  • Subtitling of any video
  • Gap feature allowing students to insert their voice recording into any audio or video file
  • Teacher feedback
  • Any Device, Anywhere and Anytime

Explore all the latest features in this one-minute video.

The app allows teachers and their students to access language lessons Anywhere and Anytime from Any of their own devices, and thereby extends the experience of the classroom language lab.

Any school can use the language lab at no cost, even if they don’t currently have one. Teachers are able to create their own exercises and upload them onto the ReLANpro content server which the students can access 24/7.

Students use the app to listen, speak, read or write based on their teacher’s instructions. The content server included in the BYOLL package can store any of your language teaching materials.

  • Teacher materials on the ReLANpro content server can be downloaded to the students’ devices to be saved as a master file. Specific instructions, teacher recordings and websites can be added to any existing or new file.
  • The students’ answers will be recorded and stored as a separate track. They can then be uploaded to the content server for teachers to access and grade.
  • Teachers can easily find student input via the automatic bookmark function, saving valuable grading time. Feedback can be recorded on a 3rd track, allowing the students to hear the specific and personalized feedback.
  • The students can find the teacher’s feedback via the same automatic bookmark feature.
  • BYOLL is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play or can be downloaded via the ReLANpro website.


Cross-curricular use of the language lab outside of language and ESL departments

The benefits from BYOLL are not limited to the language and ESL departments. Its audio features can be used cross-curricular, for example to improve speech (speech), to listen to a presidential debate (debate), Dr. Martin Luther King’s speeches (social studies/history), a concert (orchestra/band), or an opera or show tune (choir/drama), or for reading and writing practice.

Any file can be stored to the ReLANpro content server and is available to students whenever they require access.

Visit to sign up for your free account.

If you are wondering how a professional Language Lab can be completely free of charge, please read my previous blog for more information.

We will also be demonstrating all ReLANpro features at  MWALLT in Valparaiso, IN (October 10th)  TFLA in Houston, TX (October 15-16) and FFLA in St. Augustine, Florida (October 15-17).

We would love to welcome you there.

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