Enhancing flipped language learning with ReLANpro Cloud & Class

Enhancing flipped language learning with ReLANpro Cloud & Class

ReLANpro has always been an innovative player in the language lab industry. In 2010 we were the first to bring you a language lab app for iPhone, we introduced video pairing in 2011, added the MAC experience in 2012 and in 2013 we were able to allow students to access the lab from wherever they wanted.

Our latest arrival? ReLANpro Cloud & Class. This language lab not only allows unconfined access, but also lets teachers and students bring their own device for classroom training.

We’ve found a solution for a problem many educators are struggling with: recording their instructions and delivering these to the students in a file format that works for all of them. With ReLANpro Cloud & Class there’s no need to buy additional, often complicated software as the language lab offers hassle-free webcam and full-screen recording through one simple click.

Your recording is immediately uploaded to the ReLANpro server and the teacher is able to add audio, subtitles or tooltips. Check out our video and discover the ease of use!

Okay, great for teachers, but how does ReLANpro Cloud & Class enhance the flipped learning approach for students? Well, we’ve just made language learning a lot more efficient!

The ReLANpro Gap Creator function lets students insert audio and subtitles, which allows them to ask all their questions about the learning material before the teacher even enters the classroom. Students simply record their questions or comments into the video.

Although we are language specialists, our software can be used to teach virtually any subject. It is designed to be exceptionally user-friendly, so that even teachers who are technologically challenged can easily add sophisticated special effects to their lectures.

For more details about ReLANpro Cloud & Class, contact us directly or come and see us during ACTFL 2014 in San Antonio, November 22-24 at booth number 11035.

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