Conquer Time and Space with the new ReLANpro Cloud and Class

Conquer Time and Space with the new ReLANpro Cloud and Class

Cloud and Class by ReLANpro seamlessly connects language students, no matter where they are.

Unhampered by the restraints of time and place, ReLANpro’s Cloud and Class offers world-class language learning from the classroom to the kitchen, from the library to the bus stop. Everyone is invited to the party: PC and MAC labs, language labs, computers at home or across the globe, tablets and smartphones (iPhone & Android).

First, the Bad News

Using a traditional language lab? No French classes in La France.

Now the Good News

Cloud and Class conquers the largest flaw connected with language learning technology.  With Cloud and Class, teachers and students are connected through our secure cloud, which means you are no longer restricted to the number of seats.

Some students work in language lab mode with live assistance from their teacher, practicing for AP tests or in Paired conversations (audio or audio and video for ASL and TPRS). Meanwhile, other students can be in self-study mode improving their language pronunciation, completing homework assignments or studying past AP exams.

Students can work from home, or study during their field trip to Paris while sipping a café au lait in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.  Cloud and Class is available 24/7, for multiple subjects and disciplines.

Even Better News

Cloud and Class offers the best language lab features combined with 24/7 learning through home-based and mobile technology.  We are heading into an era of truly connected living, and students and teachers need to be able to learn, respond, grade and supervise irrespective of time and place. 21st Century Learning is here: change before you have to.

The Best News

It gets even better: Cloud and Class is affordable. In fact, much more affordable than language labs of the past. Depending on the number of students, prices vary from $26 to $1 per account. District-level pricing allows teachers to connect to all of their students and teach them any language. At 25,000 students, each account costs only $1 per year.

For more details about ReLANpro Cloud and Class, contact us directly or come and see us in Miami during the FFLA 2014, October 16-18, booth number 10 and at ACTFL 2014 in San Antonio, November 22-24 at booth number 11035.


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