How to Choose the Right Tablet for Education

How to Choose the Right Tablet for Education

2012 will see further growth in the tablet market, and the attacks on the
Apple iPad for a bigger market share will continue. This will be especially
true in the lower price segment of $100–$200,unless Apple decides to create
a smaller, cheaper version—which it very well may.

ReLANpro has been testing a lot of the  tablets that use Android software,
including the cheaper ones, and we will be releasing the Mobile for Android app
later this month.

Although not as perfect as an iPad, the cheaper devices certainly have many
educational uses.

Because most apps are available on both Android and Apple platforms,
that is not a significant factor in choosing between the two.

To determine what you need in a tablet, youshould focus on a few important
features. If audio is important to you, bear in mind that some tablets do
not have a microphone built in, and if they do, the recording quality may
not be what you would like. Also think about (1) screen size (around 10″ is best);
(2) whether you would prefer to use your finger or a stylus (the cheaper ones may
require a stylus); and (3) if you are choosing an Android tablet, which version of
software your desired tablet will have. In this third point lies the weakness of
the cheaper Android tablets. Once you start with a certain software version, you most
likely will not be able to easily upgrade to an up-to-date version, which will
make certain apps unavailable to you. After weighing all these factors, think
about memory size and battery life.

The challenge in choosing the right tablet is pre-defining how you will use it for
the first year, taking your budget into account. Then test-drive one device fully
with your desired apps.

Unfortunately, we often see educational institutions buying tablets in quantity
without making any of these decisions, leaving the teachers to wonder how to use
the devices most productively. That is why ReLANpro’s goal is to provide the same
user interface and functionality on all platforms, even when you use a mixture of
devices in your classroom, sothe learning experience will be exactly the same on each of them.


Until next time for Relanpro…….

Ralf Porankiewicz, CEO





  1. What would you choose? If the price tag is the same, would you choose a Android Tablet or an iPad?

    • I would choose the IPad, for a couple of reasons. It is easier to use and superior to implement ( for example, we had a lot of problems getting skype-video to work on most Android tablets).

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